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What to Know & Bring

  • We offer elevated orthopedic beds for all of our guests! No need to bring your own. Should you bring your own bedding, we are not responsible for damaged bedding.
  • Do not bring bowls and feeding dishes. We provide them as part of your visit.
  • Checkout at 11am, if after, a $15 fee is applied per dog.
  • Please ensure your pet is covered with a FLEA and TICK preventative.
  • Clearly mark all property with pet or family name.
  • Ensure your pet is vaccinated and that you have proof of vaccinations. We require pet(s) to have Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies vaccines up to date.
  • DO NOT bring in a sick pet. This compromises the health of our other guests.
  • Bring food for your pet in pre-portioned, sealed containers or ziplock bags per meal with pet name on it.
  • We ask you to keep your dog on their food to prevent illness (diarrhea) from change.
  • If you forget your food, we’re happy to offer our food for $3 per meal.
  • Any medications must be in the original container and clearly marked with your pet’s name.
HAVE A SAFE trip and know that we’ll be providing GREAT CARE for your pet!