Jet Set University Training

Jason Davis is the Director of our training program.  He is a third generation dog trainer who has trained literally 10,000’s of pet dogs, competition obedience dogs, as well as protection dogs.  

In order to join our training programs we ask you to contact Jason at 904-629-5453 to set up a complimentary evaluation to learn which training program best benefits your dog.  Once you meet with Jason, you will have the opportunity to work with one of several trainers at Jet Set Pets.  Either Jason Davis, Chanin Rivera, Kendal Davis or Julie Marco

What sets JSP trainers apart from other training facilities?

In addition to owning and training their dogs, each of our trainers has competed at the highest levels in a variety of Companion & Performance sports and events, including Agility, Competition Obedience, Rally, Tracking & Dock Diving. We are excited to bring this resource to the jax beaches area; including those in Ponte Vedra beach, Nocatee, Jacksonville beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach! 

Why is this important?  As trainers in competition and protection sports, we have to overcome many obstacles (dog issues) in order to achieve success. Each dog brings a different challenge and there is never one solution that works for every dog. The trainers at JSP have had to become masters of figuring out how to solve dog behavioral training problems by using many different tactics and tools that we have had to learn over the years in training our own competition dogs as well as others dogs in order to help train your specific dog obedience desires or issues.

We always train our dogs with happy upbeat attitudes, positive reinforcement and lots of love!! Every dog will enjoy an obedience session with us as much as they would spending time with a good friend!

To follow are brief descriptions of some of our training programs:

Puppy Life Skills

At this stage of the puppy’s life, 12+ weeks, the course offered will be a hybrid of private one-on-one lessons and off-leash training.  Please refer to the chart found at the bottom of this page for more information on what this package specifically covers.

On-leash Training Camp

For two weeks, your dog will be invited to live at Jet Set Pets to be immersed in a structured environment where we can be in control of all repetition and re-enforcement of behavior. This is a proven program made effective with a 24/7 training routine.

This dog camp teaches proper manners, as well as all the basic obedience behaviors:

Walking/heeling on leash, sit & stay, down & stay/ place command, house-breaking, crate-training, not jumping on people or furniture, not biting or nipping and no excessive barking

Please refer to the chart found at the bottom of this page for more information on what this package specifically covers.

Off-leash Training Camp

Our off-leash camp follows the same structure as the Two Week Board and train Program. It begins with the same program as the two week camp, but when ready, the dogs begin recall and off-leash training. This camp is four weeks.

This four week program is also available as a behavior modification program for dogs with more excessive behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, mild dog or human aggression, leash reactivity, severe fear issues, food or resource guarding and extreme crate or house soiling issues.

***If your dog has more severe aggression and attack or bite history, we will refer you to Jason Davis, our training director’s aggressive dog training program which is held at a different location.

*** Please refer to the chart found at the bottom of this page for more information on what this package specifically covers.

Private One on One Lessons

Private, individual lessons are recommended when a dog’s owners are able to commit to working independently on a steady, ongoing, daily basis.

Canine Good Citizen Package

This is a certification program that is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. The Canine Good Citizen Program is a program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs.

All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test receive a very nice certificate and a title from the American Kennel Club.

Jet Set University Trainers

Chanin Rivera

Chanin Rivera is a dog handler in French Ring Sport and Head Trainer at Jet Set University. She has been raised in and around the dog world her entire life, competing with dogs in conformation at age 12, all the way to obedience, and protection sports currently. In 2012, while overseas, she started her dog training career path by interning with a local trainer and volunteering her skills to military spouses who couldn’t handle the family dog while their spouse was deployed, and eventually dropped her initial career goals to train dogs full time. It all started with wanting to change the path of dogs destined for shelters or being rehomed. Showing people there is hope, and their dogs can be everything they hoped they could be, helping build the bond between human and dog. In late 2017, Chanin began working for Jet Set Pets, as head trainer, and helped create the high-standard curriculum for our current training camp dogs.

Jason Davis

Jason Davis is the director of our training programs at Jet Set Pets and University. He is a third generation dog trainer has has literally trained thousands of dogs of all breeds and temperament. Additionally he is the owner of Karma K9 in Jacksonville Florida. More recently has been involved with assisting with law enforcement protection training and he has won a National Championship with the highest score ever in the sport of protection. Because of his background he has a natural ability to understand and handle all types of cases from the family pet behavioral problems to dog and human aggression issues.


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Private Lessons
4+ Months
4 One Hour Lessons
On Leash Obedience
Puppy Life Skills
12+ Weeks
3 Private Lessons
Off Leash Camp
3 Handler Lessons
Lifetime Trainer Support
On Leash Camp
4+ Months
2 Week Camp
2 Handler Courses
Lifetime Trainer Support
Off Leash Camp
4+ Months
3-4 Week Camp
4 Handler Courses
Lifetime Trainer Support
(no jumping, mouthing,
counter surfing, chewing,
excessive barking, etc.)

Crate Training
Name Recognition
Loose Leash Heel
Door Manners
House Manners
Heeling on Leash
Heeling Off Leash
Off Leash Sit-Stay
Off Leash Down-Stay
Off-Leash Recall (come)
Resource Guarding
In Public Training