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Professional Dog Trainers& Premium Boarding

Beaches Jet Set Pets was created by dog professionals who not only love dogs, but have extensive backgrounds in pet care, dog behavior and temperament, obedience training, and competing with their own dogs.

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Jet Set Pet Owners David and Julie Marco
Our Team


David Marco is an avid aviator and collects and flies airplanes ranging from WWII Vintage aircrafts to modern Jets. For more information on the collection please check out generationsinaviation.com. While Julie Marco loves the airplane collection and traveling to airshows and to various adventures all over the world with David, her passion is dogs. She has owned and loved dogs her whole life but in the last decade has had the opportunity to get involved in rescue as well as compete in conformation, obedience, agility, lure coursing, and dock diving. When faced with training challenges with her own dogs and rescues, Julie extended her knowledge of dogs by continually seeking out education and training to further understand how to overcome issues and improve dogs relationships with their families. She has had the benefit of training all breeds and temperaments of dogs through her association with Karma K9 in Jacksonville. With the Marco’s love of aviation and passion for dogs, Beaches Jet Set Pets was born with the goal of creating a unique dog resort with luxury amenities for jet setting pet parents and also a haven for enriching the lives of these dogs through daycare socialization, obedience training and lots of love from a professionally trained dream team. David and Julie are active members in the Atlantic Beach community, so when Julie opened a dog training and boarding facility it just made sense to open it at the beaches!