Chanin Rivera

Head Trainer
Chanin Rivera is a dog handler in French Ring Sport and Head Trainer at Jet Set University. She has been raised in and around the dog world her entire life, competing with dogs in conformation at age 12, and now in obedience and protection sports. In 2012, while overseas, Chanin embarked on her dog training career path by interning with a local trainer and volunteering her skills to military spouses who needed assistance with family dogs while their spouses were deployed. With an initial goal to change the path of dogs destined for shelters or rehoming, Chanin eventually found her passion in pursuing training dogs as a full-time career. She especially loves helping build the bond between human and dog, and showing people that there is hope for their dogs to be everything they hoped they could be. In late 2017, Chanin began working for Jet Set Pets as Head Trainer, and has helped to create the high-standard curriculum for our current training camp dogs.