Puppy Socialization Class


Name Range Discount
Puppy Socialization 4 - 9999 25 %


Welcome to our puppy socialization class, where learning is a BLAST! This amazing class
is the perfect opportunity to develop your pup’s confidence while undoubtedly strengthening
the bond between you and your dog. When puppies first come to this class it is extremely
common for them to be apprehensive, but our team is there to help introduce them to other
puppies in a comfortable, safe environment, resulting in a great experience that leads them to
associate learning with fun and positivity! Friends enjoy zooming around our agility field,
splashing each other in the pool, and playing games with their owners every Saturday from
gam-11am. They are always so tired by the end of class! All puppies are welcome, ages 12
weeks to 8 months old. 1 session $20, 4 sessions for $60. Come play, learn, and grow with us!


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