Lodging Prices

Understanding Our Boarding Rates:

We include the price of either individualized care or daycare play in your daily boarding rate.  Other facilities will charge extra for daycare when boarding as it requires highly trained and adequate staff to understand dog behavior.

We are a social facility in which dogs are allowed to interact with each other in supervised, social play groups.  Any dog who is not social will not be placed into play/social groups and will get individual time out in the yards several times a day to play with a staff member.  

With regards to our nightly rate, we operate like a human hotel.  

Check out is by 11 am. We allow late check-outs -after noon at a rate of $15 per dog. This fee is to cover the care your dog is getting until you pick up prior to closing.

Many facilities close the office on Sunday and force clients to board an additional night. We realize that this can be an inconvenience for most, so we are open on weekends, and checkouts/checkins are available from 9-11am and 3-5pm.

Boarding Rates

Interior Suite

$ 50
Per Night
$30 Per Additional Dog/Night (Up to 2 family dogs)
  • Air conditioned state of the art, humidity controlled glass front suite
  • Elevated orthopedic bed
  • Automatic watering system
  • Specially selected small supervised play groups or individual time for fun play throughout the day
  • Spa music played throughout facility to soothe the environment

Patio Suite

$ 60
Per Night
$30 Per Additional Dog/Night (Up to 2 family dogs)
  • Large indoor suite with doggie door to a large shaded outdoor area on soft turf
  • Air conditioned state of the art, humidity controlled glass front suite
  • Elevated orthopedic bed
  • Automatic watering system
  • Specially selected small supervised play groups or individual time for fun play throughout the day
  • Spa music played throughout facility to soothe the environment

Premium Suite Package

$ 75 or 85
Per Night
$75 for Interior Suite
$85 for Patio Suite
$45 Per Additional Dog/Night (Up to 2 family dogs)
  • Dedicated Facebook post of fun pics with your doggie
  • A specially set time for extra cuddles with staff members
  • Bed time tuck in with a yummy organic doggie treat
  • Air conditioned state of the art, humidity controlled glass front suite
  • Elevated orthopedic bed
  • Automatic watering system
  • Specially selected small supervised play groups or individual time for fun play throughout the day
  • Spa music played throughout facility to soothe the environment

Interior Suite Lodging: $50.00 per night for a Single Dog

  • Large indoor glass front suite
  • Comfy elevated bed and automatic waterer
  • Includes daycare play each day if approved
  • $30.00 per night for each additional family dog in same suite
  • $5.00 per dog, per night extra during peak periods

These are indoor suites designed for mostly for social dogs that can enjoy daycare during their JSP Visit.  Each dog gets their own luxury suite for duration of stay for nap breaks and overnight sleep, but will have ample time in the daycare yards each day to play in supervised small play group with social dogs that match their size and activity level.

Patio Suites $60 per night for a Single Dog

  • Large indoor/outdoor glass front suite
  • Comfy elevated bed and automatic waterer
  • Includes daycare play if approved
  • $30.00 per night for each additional family dog in same suite
  • $5.00 per dog, per night extra during peak periods

The first class private patio suites price includes the extra space and a private shaded k9 grass patio.  It also includes the extra time and staffing required to keep your dog happy and safe, assuring a stay full of love, attention & exercise if they are not approved for daycare. But any social dogs who lodge in a patio suite are also eligible for daycare for no additional fee.

Boarding Packages

Frequent Flyer Packages for Social Suites 20 Nights 40 Per night – $800 10 Nights 42 per night – $420

Frequent Flyer Packages for Patio Suites 20 nights $50 per night – $1000 Silver Medallion Package 10 nights $52 per night – $520 *additional dog price is $30 per dog per night and is not eligible for package pricing

Cancellation Policy

Jet Set Pets  requires a 2 DAY cancellation notice on all non-holiday boarding reservations. Failure to properly cancel can result in a fee related to lodging package you reserved. Special consideration will, of course, be given to emergency situations.  When reservations aren’t cancelled in the proper time, it prevents us from booking that space to another customer. Please be kind to us, and we’ll do the same in return. We understand plans can change.


Jet Set Pets will be closed for the following holidays. Our staff will be on-site taking great care of your pet, but the office will be closed. New Year’s Eve (Close at 12 Noon)

  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day and Christmas Eve

Holidays & Peak Period Pricing

Due to increased demand and labor costs during the holidays and certain peak occupancy periods, please note our $5 per night, per dog price adjustment during the following peak holiday times:

  • Spring Break  
  • Easter Weekend  
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • 4th of July  
  • Labor Day Weekend  
  • Thanksgiving Week  (November 20-26th)
  • Christmas/New Years Time  (December 20 – January 02, 2019)

We recommend making reservations for holidays at least 3-5 weeks in advance.

  • 50% deposits required for all boarding reservations during peak times. If you cancel within 48 hours prior to your reservation, we will offer a refund.  Cancelling beyond that date, we will not be able to refund the deposit.
  • Due to the popularity of our services, the intimate size of our facility and the advantage of your dog staying at a place where there are not 100’s of other dogs…our suites fill up fast. We are a small business and love what we do… so protecting our business from last minute cancellations will help our business thrive and survive.
  • Holidays: Spring Break /Easter, Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year’s

JSP is proud to support our military with a 10% discount on all of our services

Jet Set Pets upgrade amenities include:

  • Organic Gourmet Bedtime Biscuit -$3
  • Bedtime bone $3
  • Refreshing Frozen doggie Ice cream $3
  • Cuddle time service  – your dog is tucked in, given a belly rub and read a bedtime story $15
  • 10 Minute massage $15
  • 20-Min. Personal Playtime with JSP Staff Member or family plays time up to three dogs $15
  • Dog Spa Bathing, Blow out and brush.. $25 and up depending on dog size and coat 

What to Know & Bring

  • We now offer elevated beds for all of our guests! No need to bring your own. Should you bring your own bedding, we are not responsible for damaged bedding.
  • Do not bring bowls and feeding dishes. We provide that as part of your visit.
  • All boarding CHECK OUT is 11 am. If after 11:00, then a $15 Fee is applied per pet.
  • Please ensure your pet is covered with a FLEA and TICK preventative.
  • Clearly mark all property with pet or family name.
  • Ensure your pet is vaccinated and you have proof of vaccinations.
  • DO NOT bring in a sick pet. This compromises the health of our other guests.
  • Bring food for your pet in pre-portioned, sealed containers per meal with pet name on it.
  • We ask you to keep your dog on his food to prevent illness (diarrhea) from change.
  • If you forget your food, we’re happy to feed ours for $3 per meal
  • Any medications must be in original container and clearly marked with pet’s name.
  • HAVE A SAFE trip and know that we’ll be providing GREAT CARE for your pet!

Healthy Pets

We do everything within our power to make sure your pet is healthy and well cared for while he/she is staying with us. For this to happen, we need your help. For the health of ALL of our boarding guests, please make sure your pet is healthy and in good shape prior to boarding. Be very aware of behavior and/or symptoms your pet may be showing such as:

A cough of ANY kind (See Below) Any eye discharge Diarrhea Vomiting Unexplained weight loss Unexplained lethargy (tiredness) By being aware of these things, you can help to prevent illnesses from entering our facility and making the overall experience of your pet’s stay with us more enjoyable. A dog that may be feeling ill can become greatly compromised when boarding. We do allow dogs on medication and we will gladly administer your pet’s medicine while here. If your pet is on ANY medicine serious enough to affect its health and/or life, we may ask that you board at a Veterinary Boarding Facility for the safety and well-being of your pet and the on-site ability to deal with life-threatening situations. We reserve the right to refuse boarding if a pre-existing medical condition(s) could compromise the health of your dog. What you should know about Canine Cough (Kennel Cough)

What is Canine Cough?

Infectious trachea-bronchitis is a highly contagious, upper-respiratory disease that is spread by any one of three infectious agents (para-influenza, adenovirus, or Bordetella) or any combination thereof—most often passed on through the air, it can also be transmitted on hands or clothing. The incubation period of the disease is roughly three to ten days and an infected pet may be contagious for three weeks after showing the first signs of illness. The main symptom is a hacking cough, sometimes accompanied by sneezing and nasal discharge, which can last from a few days to several weeks. Although this coughing is very annoying, it does not usually develop into anything more serious; however, just as with a common cold, it can lower the dog’s resistance to other diseases making it susceptible to secondary infections, and so the dog must be observed closely to avoid complications. Canine cough can be an especially serious problem for puppies and geriatric dogs whose immune systems may be weaker.

How is it cured? Just as in the case of the common cold, trachea-bronchitis is not “cured” but must run its course; however, any animal displaying signs of the illness should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Many times antibiotics will be prescribed to prevent secondary infection, and sometimes cough suppressants will be prescribed to reduce excessive coughing, but these medications do not attack the disease itself. Home remedy treatments for canine cough without the consultation of a veterinarian are not recommended.

Does trachea-bronchitis occur only in pet care facilities? No. Since these viruses can be present anywhere, and can travel for considerable distances through the air, they can affect any dog, even one that never leaves its own back yard. But trachea-bronchitis is more likely to occur when the concentration of dogs is greater such as at dog shows, kennels, dog daycares, veterinarian offices and hospitals as well as pet shops. Dogs can also be exposed while running loose or while being walked near other dogs, or playing in the park.

Are the chances of catching it greater when a dog is in a boarding kennel or daycare? Yes. Because, in any pet care facility, a dog encounters two conditions that do not usually exist at home; proximity to a number of potentially contagious dogs, and the stress and excitement of a less familiar environment, which can result in lower resistance to disease (these same factors explain why children are more likely to catch the flu at school, rather than at home). But the more frequently a dog visits a pet care facility, the greater are the chances that it will acquire immunity to the disease. Even during a widespread breakout, only a fairly small percentage of exposed dogs are affected.

Are these viruses a constant problem? No. Trachea-bronchitis, like the flu, is often seasonal – mainly due to the fact that the busiest seasons for pet care facilities tend to be summertime or over holiday periods. It also tends to be epidemic. When veterinarians begin to see cases, they normally come from every pet care facility in town, as well as from individual dog owners whose dogs did not visit a facility at all. When the outbreak is over, they might not see another case for months.

Can my dog be vaccinated to protect him from trachea-bronchitis? Yes! Vaccines against para-influenza and adenovirus type 2 (in combination with other vaccines) are routinely used as part of an adult dog’s yearly checkup. Puppies are usually vaccinated for these in combination with distemper, hepatitis, and parvovirus in a series of immunizations. Specific, non-routine vaccines are also available for Bordetella bronchiseptica (another cause of canine cough). Although some veterinary practices do not use this vaccination routinely, it should be considered for pets that board, visit a daycare frequently, or for those whose veterinarian recommends it. It is important to note that the vaccines that are used to prevent this viral disease are made from only one of the over 100 different strains of the virus and therefore are not as effective against some strains as others.  Some strains are not included in any vaccine; therefore, there is no prevention against them. Your veterinarian is in the best position to recommend a program of preventative health care management depending on your pet’s needs. In most cases, veterinarians recommend that you obtain vaccinations for canine cough five to seven days before taking your dog to a pet care facility.

Can the boarding kennel or daycare prevent my dog from catching trachea-bronchitis? While the spread of canine cough can be minimized by proper cleaning, isolating obviously sick animals, and properly ventilating the facility, remember that no amount of supervision, sanitation, or personalized care is guaranteed to be 100% effective against the illness. All that a good pet care facility can do is recommend immunization against trachea-bronchitis, refuse to admit an obviously sick dog, follow responsible cleaning and sanitation practices, listen and watch for any signs of sickness, and make sure that any dog requiring veterinary attention receives it as quickly as possible. (Strangely, the dog with para-influenza alone may not appear ill, yet is contagious) You have a right to expect a pet care facility to provide the best possible care just as that facility has a right to expect you to accept financial responsibility for such care.