Group Training Classes Each Week!

Basic household obedience class builds the foundation of reliable commands like sit, down, leave it, come when called and loose leash walking.

Intermediate Obedience class is designed for those dogs who have already graduated from a Basic obedience class, or who have a solid foundation of basic manners training on their own. This class focuses on improving responsiveness to verbal cues, cues from a distance, recall with distractions (come when called), stay and impulse control. This course will help fine tune and improve upon your previous training and help troubleshoot common behavior issues

With either level You get personalized training specific to your dog’s temperament and knowledge level. Our instructor has over 35 years of experience and lots of tips and tricks to help you and your dog with obedience!

What to Bring:
proof of vax; small treats; recommend using a buckle collar or slip lead (no retractable flex leads)
Slip leads and treats can be purchased at JET SET PETS Weekly


Classes Begin Saturday July 20th 9 am for basic obedience
& the 20th at 10:15 am for intermediate obedience
each level is 6 classes for $180

Instructor: Vicki Corley

35+ years of obedience training including groups and personal lessons. Vicki has been competing in dog sports nationwide for decades. she has earned titles in competition obedience, agility and dock diving, with many breeds, such as dalmations, shelties, border collies and belgian tervurens.