Daycare in Jax Beach for our boarding and training clients

Our Priority is Animals

Dog Day Care is a cage-free activity designed for social dogs to play and have fun in Jacksonville Beach. At Jet Set Pets your dog will have access to fully supervised small safe, handpicked playgroups of carefully screened dogs to match your dog’s size and energy level throughout their visit. Jet Set Pets offers Doggy Daycare Monday through Friday — 7am – 7pm in Jacksonville Beach. We are conveniently located to offer doggy daycare to those in Ponte Vedra beach, Nocatee, Jax beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach! 

Daycare price is included for all current training dogs & daycare is included for all boarding dogs for duration of stay & a  $15 half day fee will be added if boarding dogs are picked up to go home after 11am.

Benefits of Daycare

  • A safe fun outlet for excess energy
  • Relief from guilt leaving your dog home alone
  • Relief from boredom
  • Relief from loneliness, depression and separation anxiety
  • Protection for your home from being torn apart by your bored or lonesome pet
  • Interaction & socialization with other pets and humans
  • Exercise and weight loss
  • Multiple opportunities throughout the day to relieve themselves outside
  • Trained staff chosen for love of pets and dedication to providing excellent care
  • Extremely clean, safe, and supervised doggy playcare environment 
  • Some quiet time each day which even the most energetic dogs need
  • Join us today so your pup can start their playcation! 


Day Care is limited in size and clients are strongly encouraged to make reservations in advance. Priority goes to clients with standing reservations.

Daycare takes place is in a secure, outdoor courtyard with pools, recreational toys, shade, ceiling fans and sunning areas where they can relieve themselves, stretch their legs, and play. We have seasonal spray misters to keep dogs cool in the summertime. Our Dog Daycare location in Jacksonville Beach is newly built to keep your dog happy!

We use K9 Grass which is soft on paws and keeps pups clean.  This cutting-edge turf is designed exclusively for dogs and features “Alphasan” antimicrobial agents that help fight odors and bacteria buildup creating a safer and cleaner environment for all of the dogs. This area is routinely maintained using the finest hospital-grade disinfectants to ensure it remains clean and sanitary. Drop off in the morning knowing that later you will pick up a calm, relaxed and happy pet.


All dogs in daycare must pass a daycare assessment before attending daycare. About the test: A Scheduled appointment is required for the test Mondays through Friday. Registration AND Vet Records must be received PRIOR to appointment. The test helps us determine the best suited dogs for our daycare playgroups. During the process we will confirm all required paperwork, review policies and familiarize the owner with our facility. Owners should plan on being at our facility for about 20 minutes. When your dog is taken to the play group area, we slowly introduce the new dog (one dog at a time) into the best suited playgroup based on size and temperament. Once the entire group has been introduced, the new dog participates in daycare for the next four hours. Our staff monitors their behavior , making sure that the dog integrates well with the playgroups. Report cards are sent home letting owners know how the day went. Assesment is charged as either a half or full day of daycare.

A Special note about MUSIC at Jet Set Pets

A JSP music plays throughout the lodging and play areas. The music is chosen to stimulate or even calm the dogs behavior throughout the day and our guests fall asleep listening to the soothing sounds of classical music. The Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland conducted a study to evaluate the effects of music on canines. What they found is that not only do dogs react to music but researchers noted that music causes the same reactions in dogs as it does in humans such as relaxation, increased learning, stress reduction and even alleviation of depression.